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Our Team


Bill Britton, Director

Bill Britton


William J. “Bill” Britton is the Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Cal Poly, and Director of the California Cybersecurity Institute. 

Martin Minnich, Program Manager

Martin Minnich

Program Manager
Danielle Borelli, Operations Coordinator

Danielle Borelli

Operations Coordinator
Henry Danielson, Technical Advisor

Henry Danielson

Technical Advisor
makenna downing headshot

Makenna Downing

Marketing and Communications Coordinator
ryan vannucci headshot

Ryan Vannucci

Digital Media Coordinator
matt timmer wearing a blue gingham shirt

Matt Timmer

Administrative Assistant

Alex Ebrahimi

Policy Analyst and Content Developer

Jake Watkins

Newsletter Developer

Student Assistants & Interns

Eric Tran

Junior Security Operations Center Analyst

Casey Ng

Junior Security Operations Center Analyst

Natalia Ionova

Student Assistant

Nestor Martinez

Software Developer

Nicholas Baggett

Graphic Designer and Unity Developer

Jacob Gold

Esports Consultant

Luis Plascencia

Software Developer

Jenna Andersen

Communication Specialist

Jordyn Cohen

Public Relations Specialist

Taylor Chaplin

Event Coordinator

Katherine Zhuang

Virtual Reality Developer

Collin Streun

Software Developer

Romdham Patanavin

Graphic Designer

Vanessa Chequer

Policy Analyst and Public Relations Specialist

Thea Yang

Junior Security Operations Center Analyst

Amy Ru

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Developer

Abigail Edgecumbe

Content Developer

Mason Elefant

Social Media Specialist