The 2018 California Cyber Innovation Challenge

A Premier Cyber Arena

The CCI is excited to announce the launch of the 2018 California Cyber Innovation Challenge (CCIC)! The CCIC is a statewide high school cybersecurity competition designed to introduce more students to cybersecurity as a future course of study and career.

Who can participate?

Twenty teams from across the state will participate in the state championship round on June 23rd-25th at CCI and Cal Poly facilities. These teams will be selected from the regional qualifying rounds and an "At-Large" application process.

What are the Challenges?

Working collaboratively as a digital forensics investigative team, the students must collect and analyze a combination of digital and physical evidence in order to stop a healthcare themed cyber plot. Competitors will use state-of-the-art forensics tools to extract and collect digital evidence. Using a combination of technical, analytical and persuasive skills, each team must then “prove their case” to a panel of expert judges. During the healthcare network challenge, young entrepreneurs and innovators will solve cybersecurity puzzles and challenges designed by cybersecurity analysts and Cal Poly professors. The health care network challenge will use the CTFd framework for the scoring. The challenge will involve the healthcare industry and will feature problems revolving around cyber security, cryptography, networking protocols, malware, and other computing concepts.

Students should become familiar with the following tools/protocols described and listed within the links in the side menu. However, this list is not comprehensive and the final challenge may feature topics not discussed in the following links.


To learn more, contact Danielle Borrelli at 805.756.1341 or

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