Investing in the top visualization traiing program in the world, the CCI will feature the Oblong Mezzanine system. You may have seen Oblong's technology at work in the films "Minority Report" and Iron Man." Mezzanine changes the meeting paradigm, delivering an unsurpassed, immerisve, visual impact that demands attention. Real-time collaborative content-sharing and interaction create a data-rich environment that engages teams in the work at hand. With Mezzanine, users may easily share information broadly (from any device, anywhere), analyze data intensively (from multiple sources, simultaneously), and solve problems more collaboratively. The days of easel pads and sticky poster paper will be replaced by this easy to use, collaboration system. The benfit of this system will greatly improve the training experience for all users. To learn more about Oblong and Mezzanine, click here.

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