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Cleared for Success

About the program


The CFS program is a specialized workforce development initiative designed to increase student interest and exposure to cybersecurity careers in the cleared space. It establishes a clear path to career readiness, emphasizing the importance of obtaining and maintaining credentials such as security clearances and cybersecurity certifications. Students will actively engage in these processes, enhancing career placement outcomes for hundreds of highly qualified students in well-paying roles across public and private sectors. 


The core elements of this program can be categorized into three main areas: 


Develop skills, instill confidence and establish a solid educational foundation centered around security clearances. 



Ignite student enthusiasm for cybersecurity, fostering a robust pipeline of the next generation’s cybersecurity and national security professionals. 



Facilitate the acquisition and maintenance of security clearances, empowering students to pursue unconventional and rewarding careers within the cybersecurity field. 


Program objectives

  • CFS will ensure students are well-prepared for the challenges of the cybersecurity landscape, instilling them with the knowledge and confidence to succeed in this dynamic field.
  • CFS will pioneer solutions to address critical staffing deficits and revitalize the cybersecurity workforce, ultimately strengthening national security infrastructure.
  • CFS will serve as a resource for Cal Poly veterans who seek to retain/renew their security clearances.
  • CFS’s commitment to advancing University priorities on diversity, equity and inclusion will help bring students from diverse backgrounds into the cybersecurity and national security conversation.

Program Insights

This program will provide students with an unprecedented Learn by Doing opportunity as they collaborate with industry leaders on real-world projects in the field. Cybersecurity has become the frontline of national defense, and cyberthreats are rapidly evolving to incorporate emerging trends like generative AI. Cal Poly graduates are uniquely positioned to anticipate the next frontier in cybersecurity intelligence. Bill Britton Cal Poly Vice President for Information Technology Services, Chief Information Officer, and Director of the California Cybersecurity Institute

A program like CFS will be very valuable in helping students get acquainted with the enigmatic clearance process. The earlier that students receive exposure to concepts of security, the better positioned they will be to make decisions about coursework, internships, and eventually careers they want to pursue. The CFS program will be a benefit to both our students, and our external partners that want to hire professionals that need clearances. Chris LupoFounding Director Noyce School of Applied Computing

Campus partnerships

This program is a partnership between the California Cybersecurity Institute and the College of Engineering and the Noyce School of Applied Computing.

How You Can Empower Change

Cal Poly actively seeks additional funding of $5M to address crucial facility and program requirements to ensure the successful launch of this landmark initiative. Your generous support is pivotal in bringing the Cleared for Success program to its full potential, revolutionizing the Learn by Doing experience for the next generation.

Your contribution today will have a lasting impact, playing a vital role in shaping tomorrow and advancing the creation of a safer world.

Make a Donation

To learn more about partnership opportunities with CFS, contact Kayvan Chinichian, Senior Director of Development, at