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Mission Accomplished! Space Grand Challenge 2024 was a huge success!

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Mission Statement: 

The California Cybersecurity Institute (CCI) at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) in San Luis Obispo, California, leads a state and national initiative to address cybersecurity challenges. By bringing together the tech community, government agencies, and educational institutions, the CCI is enhancing cybersecurity defense capabilities at Cal Poly, for the state of California, and across the nation.  


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Train to reskill, upskill, and build tech literacy across the State of California and communities around the country. Sessions are available virtually, both on demand and live. 

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Students working at computers


Accelerate unique opportunities to advance the Cal Poly Learn by Doing pedagogy for students and faculty through internships, externships, research opportunities, and more. 

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Cal Poly computer science major Zahnae Aquino uses an HTC VIVE headset and controllers to navigate a virtual reality environment that she created with fellow student Josie Grundler.


Empower early education opportunities to build a pipeline for future students interested in careers in technology. 

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sgc future of cybersecurity

Space Grand Challenge 2024

The Space Grand Challenge (SGC) Program is a free virtual game-based cybersecurity competition for middle and high school students built by Cal Poly students—Learn by Doing in action.

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Hugh Ganem

Exploring Passion and Adaptability

Hugh Ganem's Journey at the Cal Poly California Cybersecurity Institute

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Kevin Polanco

Kevin Polanco

Kevin Polanco: Esports Enthusiast & Future Cybersecurity Educator


Madison Lopez

Madison Lopez

Madison at CCI: Bridging Games and Security for a Futuristic Experience.