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Student Spotlights

Cal Poly faculty and CCI educate students on the cybersecurity challenges and trains them for public sector careers. Check out the impact that these individual students have had at CCI and beyond. 

Hugh Ganem

Exploring Passion and Adaptability

Hugh Ganem's Journey at the Cal Poly California Cybersecurity Institute.

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Kevin Polanco

Kevin Polanco

Kevin Polanco: Esports Enthusiast & Future Cybersecurity Educator


Madison Lopez

Madison Lopez

Madison at CCI: Bridging Games and Security for a Futuristic Experience.


Adi Gottumukkala

Adi Gottumukkala

CCI Student Profiles: Showcasing Excellence in Cybersecurity and Technology


Isaac Rudnik

A Journey through Cyber Frontiers

Computer Science major, Isaac Rudnik, invites you into his cybersecurity journey, progressing from a GenCyber intern to actively contributing to projects in cyber forensics, cryptology, and the Space Grand Challenge. 

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Hevin Jantasmin

Expand Knowledge and Skills in Cybersecurity

The CCI allowed Hevin a unique opportunity to expand his knowledge surrounding the cybersecurity industry. 

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