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MISAC Cyber Cities - Defense Against Cyber Attacks

Learn strategies your organization may deploy to defend against cyber attacks with MISAC, the City of Roseville, and the CCI. Delve into the benefits of cyber emergency planning and organizing employees for a large-scale response, and hear from industry experts at the local, county, and state levels.


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CCIC Overview

This 30-minute session will provide a virtual tour of the 3D immersive competition environment as well as allow students to participate in a cyber-space challenge mapped to NICE Framework K0305.


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Cyber Careers for Non-Technical Students

Although cybersecurity companies hire coders and engineers, they also employ a variety of people from other disciplines. Many people with backgrounds in history, communications, education, marketing, sales, and public policy work in cybersecurity.



The State of Cybersecurity in 2020: Industry Panel

Currently, in the State of California, there are 67, 915 unfilled cybersecurity positions (source Don't miss this opportunity to learn about careers in the exciting, high-growth industry of cybersecurity.



MISAC Cyber Cities - Cybersecurity for Fresno

As the world’s fifth-largest economy, California’s cities have unique requirements and rules that are different from other municipalities in America. Join MISAC, the City of Fresno, and Cal Poly’s California Cybersecurity Institute for a riveting webinar on cybersecurity focusing on the City of Fresno.



MISAC Cyber Cities - Election Security And COVID-19

As election officials prepare to conduct Election 2020, there is a challenging array of preparedness factors that include: changes to election operations to accommodate public health during the COVID-19 Pandemic; new and increased reliance on technology for those changed operations; cyber-defense of election technology; preparation for cyber threats, disinformation threats, and blended attacks from nation-state adversaries.


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MISAC Cyber Cities - Remote Workers

Join MISAC, the City of Burbank, and Cal Poly's California Cybersecurity Institute for a riveting webinar on Remote Workers, in which you will hear from industry experts at the local, county, and state levels discussing topics such as: changing needs of the worker​, real need to support remote working​, hybrid work environments, facing digital divides, risk management/assessments, and zero-trust security architecture.