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Digital Literacy


Please join us for a 8-hour course is designed to provide information regarding basic information security principals including the CIA triad. Creating an information/cybersecurity culture at your home or business to help eliminate risk and threats. Fundamentals of how to protect yourself from cyber threats, understanding Ethics, Risk, Compliance. Participants will obtain knowledge regarding best practices for securing a mobile device, protecting from social engineering attacks and defense techniques. The goal of this course is to promote cybersecurity basic defenses for everyone. Video Case studies to demonstrate how to protect your teams.

Topics include: 

  • Creating an Information Security Culture for home or Business
  • Password Management, 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), VPN
  • CIA Triad
  • Useful Information Security Tools to protect your digital assets
  • Securing a Mobile Device
  • Ethics Risk and Compliance
  • Social Engineering Attacks, Phishing, Tailgating
  • Current Threats and Protection Tactics

Schedule a Consulation

The CCI makes this training available through partnerships on arrangement. To learn more, contact Kayvan Chinichian at