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pen testing and space vulnerabilities with Eric Escobar

Episode 1

Penetration Testing and Space Security Vulnerabilities with Eric Escobar

One of the most effective methods of improving cybersecurity is penetration testing. Eric Escobar, principal consultant at SecureWorks and three-time Capture-the-Flag champion at DEFCON, describes his journey into cybersecurity...

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road to space and cybersecurity image of preston miller

Episode 2

The Road to Space & Cybersecurity with Preston Miller

Preston Miller describes his career journey from working with the U.S. Army to becoming the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Preston discusses his stances on cybersecurity in space, emphasizing...

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Episode 3

Digital Transformation & Cloud Literacy w/ Bill Britton

In this episode Bill discusses how important it is for students to understand the technology they are using and know how to protect themselves online. Bill talks about how he frequently questions students about white hackers to better grasp their understanding on the concept. Cybersecurity is all about making smart decisions and basic fundamentals such as understanding the cloud.

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Episode 4

Securing the Internet of Things w/ Ulf Lindqvist

This CCI episode discusses the attack on millions of devices in one full swoop, as well as setting the stage for modern loT security challenges. This episode with Ulf Lindqvist goes over problems with loT security such as too many devices on the network which makes it hard to rely on patching quick updates.

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The Cyber Diner Podcast

Open for Business

Whether you’re on your way to work, on a break, or relaxing after a long day, you’ve come to the right place. The Cyber Diner is your stop for a steaming plate of hot topics in modern-day cybersecurity. In each episode, host Ryan Vannucci will cook up relevant and exciting conversations with the leading cyber experts across the country, serving up the latest trends and threats that affect everyone as our lives become more digitally dependent.

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