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Adi Gottumukkala

Adi Gottumukkala

B.S., Computer Science, 2025

What drew you to come work at the Cal Poly California Cybersecurity Institute? 


Adi loves games and creating corresponding broadcasts and videos for them. As the current president of Cal Poly Esports, it was a natural fit to come to CCI. The developers' efforts to fully gamify the flagship Space Grand Challenge (SGC) aligned well with his interests.


What interests you about cybersecurity or technology? 


Adi believes that technology is the next frontier, as the whole world revolves around technology. He stated that there is no place you can go in the world without some form of technology influencing your life. Layered into that is the importance of security—without factoring that in, all this technology would crumble. Adi is drawn to keeping technology secure and preventing unwanted people from getting in.



What have you been working on at the Cal Poly California Cybersecurity Institute? And what skills have you learned or applied during your tenure? 


Adi is currently working on the main broadcast for SGC. This has been his primary focus while at the CCI—and he has been doing for so long it predates the SGC name (previously the game was called the California Cyber Innovation Challenge, better known as the CCIC). He also interviews people in cybersecurity and works on podcasts and social media marketing for the broadcast too.


How does the Cal Poly California Cybersecurity Institute fit in your future career?  


Adi wants to be a product manager in the future—and his work with CCI and the SGC gives him useful lens and opportunity to develop his skills as a communicator for technology—something that will become increasingly important as things evolve.


What are some notable experiences from being President of Cal Poly Esports?  


One of Adi’s main highlights as president of Cal Poly Esports is trying to get the Esports Lab on campus set up. He cites that the CCI’s support as being very helpful in their efforts and is thankful for all the efforts in prioritizing and explaining this opportunity for campus faculty and leaders.


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This student profile was written by Parker McKenzie (COMS).