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Kevin Polanco

Esports Enthusiast & Future Cybersecurity Educator

B.S., Business Administration, with a concentration in Finance, 2027

What drew you to come work at the Cal Poly California Cybersecurity Institute? 


Kevin was drawn to the CCI because of the broadcaster role, as he has experience in content creation, video production, and broadcasting. Kevin was drawn to dipping his hand into something new as he did not have experience in the cybersecurity field but has an interest in technology. Additionally, he was drawn to how the Space Grand Challenge is set up to teach cybersecurity basics to middle and high school students, as he has had experience being a campus supervisor and tutor for middle school and elementary schools.


What interests you about cybersecurity or technology? 


Kevin has been interested in technology for as long as he can remember. He remembers a time when he was 3 years old glued to his uncle when he bought the brand-new iPhone. Growing up, he would get his hands on any piece of technology he could get his hands on, often getting in trouble for breaking them or infecting them with malware. This taught Kevin about the need for cybersecurity and led to him becoming interested in the cybersecurity field. Kevin has enjoyed surrounding himself with CCI co-workers who are experts in the cybersecurity field and enhancing his own knowledge.



What have you been working on at the Cal Poly California Cybersecurity Institute? And what skills have you learned or applied during your tenure? 


Kevin was initially hired for video production specifically, before having his role reassigned to broadcaster. Since he has been on board, Kevin has worked with the Esports team helping to create the run of show and putting together ideas for an engaging stream. He is also the main video editor for CCI. Additionally, he works with the Discord team, helping them come up with a new format and ways to keep the community active year-round. Since starting, Kevin has learned many cybersecurity skills as well as enhanced his video production skills.


How does the Cal Poly California Cybersecurity Institute fit in your future career?  


Kevin is thinking about pursuing a career in education and believes that the educational aspect of Space Grand Challenge will boost his career prospects in the field. Working within a program focused on teaching kids about cybersecurity is going to be helpful. Additionally, he is interested in teaching things like IT and computer science and the CCI is furthering his knowledge in both.


5. What are you excited for with CCI coming up in the future?  


Kevin is looking forward to what he and the rest of the CCI team have been working on for the upcoming SGC event. Kevin is looking forward to this years’ stream as it will be his first broadcast in a while and is optimistic about the results. Additionally, he is looking forward to upcoming projects outside of the main SGC event.  


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This student profile was written by Parker McKenzie (COMS).