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Space & Cybersecurity Symposium

Space & Cybersecurity Symposium - The Intersection of Space & Cybersecurity.

Friday, October 2, 2020

San Luis Obispo, CA

National and commercial investment in the space economy is growing at an unprecedented rate, and as the world's space-based infrastructure expands, so to do cybersecurity risks. Defending America's space assets from cyberattacks is now a national priority. Are we prepared? How can public and private sector agencies incorporating cybersecurity into their supply chains, as they build the next generation of spacecraft? Will we have the workforce needed to defend our nation and commercial interests tomorrow?

Join us on Friday, October 2, for a day of solutions-focused conversation on the intersection of space and cybersecurity. Featuring keynote speaker Arsenio "Bong" Gumahad II, Director, C4/ISR Division USOD A&S, the Space & Cybersecurity Symposium 2020, hosted by Cal Poly, brings together academia, government, and commercial agencies, to discuss the latest strategies needed to secure our private and public space resources and supply chains from state and non-state cyber adversaries. And, to share approaches for building the 21st century workforce resources required to meet these goals.


One day, four themes, eight great conversations

Defining the Problem Set

An overview of the status of space and the magnitude of securing our growing space-based resources

Technology and Supply Chain Support for the Defense of Spacecraft

Developing cybersecurity support for the defense of spacecraft and the importance of security standards

Workforce Development

Preparing the 21st century workforce needed to support increasing commercial space resources

California's Role in Building Solutions

An overview of what California is capable of doing to address the needs of the future



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