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Cyber Threat Intelligence

$2,999 | Register with our promo code: AC1AF3
*Exam is included in cost

This course is open to:

  • Cybersecurity practitioners or students who want to learn how to apply Threat Intelligence to their domain
  • Existing Threat Intelligence professionals who want to dive deeper into tradecraft and practice
  • Anyone who wants to start or expand their career into Threat Intelligence and intrusion analysis
DURATION: 80 Hours Instructor: Sergio Caltagirone

The "Godfather of Threat Intelligence" delivers the definitive course on Cyber Threat Intelligence.

The course uses real-world "war stories" from hunting, analyzing, and disrupting the world's worst cyber threats. With guided reading across various domains and history and practical exercises, this course will impart wisdom and lessons learned from a career in the trenches.

Not just for "intelligence" anymore. This course will give any cybersecurity professional the expertise to understand cyber threats at a deeper level and apply that knowledge to prevent, protect, detect, and mitigate cyber threats against any organization. This course is for any cybersecurity role, including security operations personnel, pentesters, auditors, cybersecurity managers, forensics analysts, security architect, security administrator, and many others.

This is not an "introductory survey," but a deep and comprehensive examination. It promises to improve the newest student to the most experienced practitioner.

Register with our promo code: AC1AF3


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The course concludes with a rigorous final exam requiring a 70% or better passing grade. A passing grade will result in certifying the student in Threat Intelligence and an associated certificate. 

This course will require over 80 hours including readings, research, exercises, lecture, and exams. It is taught in a traditional graduate-school style using readings and lectures to bring the student along in the knowledge journey.

 The course material and exam is available to students for 120 days after enrollment.