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Stop by the Cyber Diner and see what's hot in the tech kitchen with host, Ryan Vannucci. Learn what the experts are saying about the state of security in an era of rapid growth for all tech sectors so that you can join the discussion.

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TOady in Space

Episode 250 - Cybersecurity & Space

A new episode of Today in Space features Cal Poly CIO & CCI Director Bill Britton who discusses space assets and the workforce needed to support the future of space technology. 

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CCI Podcast Episodes

henry danielson in front of a podcast microphone

March 27, 2019

The Dark Web

Martin Minnich interviews CCI Technical Advisor Henry Danielson about the Dark Web and Deep Web, what it contains, and why it matters. 

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Jimmy Baker speaks with hand gestures in front of a microphone

February 7, 2019

Incident Response

Jimmy Baker speaks with Solutions Architect Ron Snyder from Cisco, who leads a dedicated crisis response team that establishes emergency networks in the aftermath of a disaster.

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December 6, 2021

Digital Transformation & Cloud Literacy

In this episode Bill discusses how important it is for students to understand the technology they are using and know how to protect themselves online. Bill talks about how he frequently questions students about white hackers to better grasp their understanding on the concept. Cybersecurity is all about making smart decisions and basic fundamentals such as understanding the cloud.

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November 29, 2021

Securing the Internet of Things

This CCI episode discusses the attack on millions of devices in one full swoop, as well as setting the stage for modern loT security challenges. This episode with Ulf Lindqvist goes over problems with loT security such as too many devices on the network which makes it hard to rely on patching quick updates.

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January 19, 2022

Social Engineering & Cyber Job Skills 

Alethe Denis shares tips on how to break into the cybersecurity industry and build a career that she is excited about. She also discusses social engineering and risk management to help individuals and companies defend against cyber attacks. Alethe shares some best practices on how to protect yourself online and the skills that can be applied to positions in the cybersecurity industry.

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road to space and cybersecurity image of preston miller

september 21, 2021

The Road to Space & Cybersecurity

Preston Miller describes his career journey from working with the U.S. Army to becoming the Chief Information Security Officer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Preston discusses his stances on cybersecurity in space, emphasizing the importance of pre-planning for potential risks once an object is already in space. He ends his interview with inspiration for people interested in similar space and cybersecurity careers.

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pen testing and space vulnerabilities with Eric Escobar

August 3, 2021

Penetration Testing & Space Security Vulnerabilities

One of the most effective methods of improving cybersecurity is penetration testing. Eric Escobar, principal consultant at SecureWorks and three-time Capture-the-Flag champion at DEFCON, describes his journey into cybersecurity, the ins and outs of penetration testing, and the implications of space technology growth for security in space-based systems.

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Our Favorite Podcasts


The Orbital Mechanics

On episode 316 of the Orbital Mechanics Podcast, Cal Poly's own Bill Britton weighs in on current cybersecurity challenges in Space during the digital age from his perspective as Chief Information Officer and Director of CCI. 

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Cyber Insiders

From the non-profit Cyber Center of Excellence for Cyber Insiders, this 10-part series features a lineup of insiders who will discuss what citizens and businesses need to know about the current threat landscape, protection and risk management strategies, innovations and growing workforce needs.

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Talking Feds

Talking Feds is a roundtable discussion that brings together prominent former government officials, journalists, and special guests for dynamic and in-depth analysis of the most pressing questions in law and politics.

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