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Trafficking Investigations Hub

Technology for good

The Trafficking Investigations Hub is a synergy of intellectual thought and technology to eradicate human trafficking. We are leveraging public-private sector relationships to provide solutions through student-led innovation, research, and collaboration. 

Human trafficking is an issue that violates the basic rights of an individual, including personal autonomy. Victims are often physically, mentally, emotionally, and economically manipulated, controlled, and violated. An individual’s ordeal is often described as a dehumanization process wherein, their personhood is emotionally and mentally removed, and what remains (the body) is utilized only for the purpose of economic gain, either for a criminal or criminal syndicate. Human trafficking targets our youth, preying upon the innocent and vulnerable, as well as funds terrorism, threatening our national security. It is a public health crisis and is deeply connected to other crimes such as arms and drug trafficking. Human trafficking generates more than $150 billion annually and is becoming the fastest growing crime worldwide. California, being home to the United States' three largest cities (San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco), is inundated with curbing demand and assisting victims. It has routinely been the state with the largest number of identified victims and open cases, with the amount increasing every year. The Trafficking Investigations Hub (TIH) at the Cal Poly California Cybersecurity Institute (CCI) is uniquely positioned to assess this threat in its true form as well as provide the necessary and cutting-edge tools, education, and training to combat this global and local issue in a myriad of ways.

Human Trafficking Statistics


$150 Billion

grossed by human trafficking criminal enterprises annually

24.9 Million

human trafficking victims worldwide at any time

16 million

victims are exploited for forced labor.

4.8 million

victims are sexually exploited.


of sex-trafficking victims are young girls and women.

Data taken from the State of California DOJ

Our Approach

To disrupt all forms of trafficking, through a focused approach on human trafficking, using state of the art technology and training that enhances the capabilities of law enforcement, non-profits, other government agencies, and the private sector to locate victims, prosecute perpetrators, and measurably decrease human trafficking in the State of California. Leveraging the expertise and resources of the Academic sector, including students, in the creation of robust solutions to combat this issue.


The Trafficking Investigations Hub (TIH) is uniquely positioned to assess this issue and threat in its true form as well as provide the necessary and cutting-edge tools, education, and training to combat this global and local issue in a myriad of ways. The TIH is an extension of the California Cybersecurity Institute (CCI) and Global Emancipation Network (GEN); and in partnership with various anti-human trafficking non-profits, is focused on combating all forms of trafficking through the development of technological tools to help identify, disrupt, and analyze trafficking patterns. The TIH also performs research to address new trafficking trends as well as delivers cutting-edge and relevant training to those in the anti-human trafficking community. 


Human Trafficking Summit