Human Trafficking Summit

About Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is one of the greatest human rights violations of our time. Victims are often physically, mentally, emotional, and economically manipulated, controlled, and abused. Human trafficking targets our youth, including college students, preying upon the innocent and vulnerable. It is a public health crisis and is deeply connected to other crimes such as arms and drug trafficking. Human trafficking generates more than $150 billion annually and is becoming the fastest growing crime worldwide. California, being home to the United States’ three largest cities (San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco), is inundated with curbing demand and assisting victims. It has routinely been the state with the largest number of identified victims and open cases, with the amount increasing every year. 

The Trafficking Investigations Hub and California Cybersecurity Institute's Involvement

The Trafficking Investigations Hub (TIH) at the Cal Poly California Cybersecurity Institute (CCI) is uniquely positioned to assess this issue and threat in its true form as well as provide the necessary and cutting-edge tools, education, and training to combat this global and local issue in a myriad of ways. In January of 2020, the TIH will be hosting a Human Trafficking Summit to bring awareness and tools to the local community. This event will be geared towards informing and equipping the public with a deeper understanding and tools to combat trafficking, as well as, train the law enforcement community and IT Professionals on how to disrupt human trafficking in an effective and sustainable manner. The Human Trafficking Summit aims to be a catalyst for disrupting this crime locally, regionally, and statewide, effectively decreasing the rate at which the exploitation of individuals occurs.

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Peter Schlosser






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The event is open to the public and professionals, and will have trainings for a myriad of groups (law enforcement, non-profits, advocacy groups, tech professionals, general public).






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