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CCIC 2021

Competition Winners


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High School - Difficult


Del Norte High School

First Place


CyberAegis Charm

Del Norte High School

Second Place


Alhambra High School

Third Place

High School - Intermediate

Team Rice Bol

Monterey Trail High School

First Place



Troy High School

Second Place

CyberAegis Lithium

Del Norte High School

Third Place

Middle School - Intermediate

CyberAegis Platinum

Poway United School District

First Place

CyberAegis Titanium

Poway United School District

Second Place


Poway United School District

Third Place

International - Intermediate

Presbyterian Ladies' College

First Place

HaileyBury Berwick

Second Place

Mission Apgartium

The plot for this year's competition is based on a satellite hacking scenario that involves the breach of a network of 5,000 CubeSats that collectively provide internet access to over 200 million commercial customers and government agencies.

Read Mission Brief


Competing in Mission Apgartium? Utilize the new, online CCIC training courses developed for both coaches and students to prepare for this year's challenge. Complete with practice challenges, training resources by subject, and guides for specialized tools, these courses have everything that you and your team need to compete. Don't miss out. 

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student in orange shirt using laptop

Event Schedule

Friday, October 1st

Time Event Location
5:00 pm Opening Remarks Zoom
5:15 pm CCIC Event Information Zoom
5:25 pm Special Guest Presentation - Aaron Stevenson, USSF Zoom
5:35 pm Logistics and Closing Zoom

Saturday, October 2nd

Time Event Location
1:30 pm Welcome      Discord / Zoom
1:45 pm Competition Begins Discord
8:45 pm Competition ends Discord


Sunday, October 3rd

Time Event Location
9:00 am Competition Scoring Zoom
9:15 am Winners Announced Zoom
9:30 am Closing Remarks & Logistics Zoom
10:00 am Farewell Zoom

2021 Event Sponsors

The CCIC would not be possible without generous contributions from various organizations invested in youth cyber education. 

Support Future Competitions

The CCIC  and events like it are provided at no cost to students because of the generous contributions from individuals and organizations who are invested in youth cybersecurity education.

Become an Ambassador

We are looking for professionals from industry and government to network with students and assist teams while thinking through the challenge.



Volunteers are needed for event support, technical support, and team mentorship. Sign up and let us know how you can help.

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Want to make an impact in cybersecurity education for youth? Help power this year's competition by joining the Sponsor Universe.